Breaking the myth of “impossible blockchain triangle"

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Thinkium uses a multi-chain layered multi-level system architecture, PoS-based random election, TBFT, cross-chain, intra-chain sharding, and multi-chain parallel computing to fundamentally solve the “impossible triangle” problem of the blockchain.

Infinite and scalable performance: Under the condition of ensuring decentralization and consistency, as the number of nodes and chains increases, the performance of the Thinkium system can be infinitely extended, supporting use case scenarios that require a large number of users and application operations.

Completely decentralized: Allow consensus nodes to join the Thinkey network without permission, and there are no super nodes.

Data consistency: Under the condition that malicious nodes are allowed, Thinkium nodes can reach a consensus result.

Thinkium Developers program 


The Tech Team will be working closely with Developer Ambassadors throughout the content creation process to ensure content will align to all guidelines and is of high quality. Because of the limited capacity of the team, not all submissions will be accepted and those that are should allocate time for this back and forth. 

Core Contributors 

Thinkium is a recognized basic public chain project for community autonomy. It is committed to building an infinitely scalable, truly decentralized, safe and trusted blockchain infrastructure for the development and decentralization of distributed applications (DAPP). (DAO) construction provides a convenient, friendly, efficient and safe development and deployment environment, so that everything can be easily chained, the rules of collaboration can be transparently and automatically executed, create a link to everything, coordinate the world ’s diverse business prosperity ecology, and drive the world with trust Move forward in an open, fair and just manner.