Development Areas

The Thinkium blockchain is scalable, efficient, and final, and safely programmable. These technical features make Thinkium the natural network to develop real business applications that deliver value creation, mass adoption and disruptive economic and business innovations.

These are a few examples, but again, we are open to other applications and innovative use cases: DeFi or Open Finance, Payments, Asset exchanges, Social media, Supply chain, Copyright authentication, Asset tokenization and Global Information Systems.

A Public Chain of Public Chains

As an infrastructure, Thinkium’s technology architecture fully supports the development and deployment of DAPP, Application Public Chain (APC) and Industry Alliance Chain (ICC).

Building an application public chain (APC) on Thinkium, developers do not need to fork the code or build from scratch, but only use the Thinkium (APC) development platform to develop their own public chain, which can avoid the complexity and The burden of feature development can focus on the business.

Thinkium supports the APC development community to develop DAPPs on it and promote their own public chain brands. APC runs on the Thinkium mainnet and can share the traffic and value of the Thinkium ecosystem.

Thinkium Use cases 

Thinkium is a recognized basic public chain project for community autonomy. It is committed to building an infinitely scalable, truly decentralized, safe and trusted blockchain infrastructure for the development and decentralization of distributed applications (DAPP). (DAO) construction provides a convenient, friendly, efficient and safe development and deployment environment, so that everything can be easily chained, the rules of collaboration can be transparently and automatically executed, create a link to everything, coordinate the world ’s diverse business prosperity ecology, and drive the world with trust Move forward in an open, fair and just manner

The construction of Thinkium is destined to be a long-term process of continuous development. The key contributions and emphasis required at different stages of ecological construction are different. This requires more and more capabilities, creative and passionate ecological construction. Participants participate, gather consensus, form synergy, and help realize the great dreams of Thinkium. Therefore, from the beginning of the project, Thinkium is building an open organization with no boundaries. As long as you agree with the mission and values ​​of Thinkium, anyone can use their special strengths and advantages to participate in the Thinkium ecological construction.

Tinkium solutions 

Thinkium big data blockchain contracts help patients and doctors securely transfer sensitive medical information. The smart contracts establish the parameters of what data can be shared and even displays details of personalized health plans for each patient. 

Tesla & Thinkium 

DeFi & Thinkim

Decentralized finance (DeFi) unlocks untold amounts of economic opportunity for global citizens, enabling a more profitable, equitable, and secure global economy. DeFi leverages key principles of the Ethereum blockchain to unlock liquidity and growth opportunities, increase financial security and transparency, and support an integrated and standardized economic system.

Blockchain-infused IoT adds a higher level of security to prevent data breaches by utilizing transparency and virtual incorruptibility of the technology to keep things "smart." Below are a few Global companies using blockchain to make the Internet of Things safer and smarter.

Blockchain IoT adds 

Assets blockchian

Assets such as real estate - often constricted by liquidity and investment size - can be tokenized, divided, and distributed with minimal operational friction, management cost, and security concerns. Asset managers and novel investors alike can unlock opportunities with emerging liquidity and transfer dynamics.